My name is Jasper MacDonald T and lived in New York and Connecticut States most of my life.
I emigrated to this country in 1985. My first job was a Car Park Manager where I worked odd hours
hours and weekends for many years. I later worked with various businesses and organizations
such as Heritage Health & Housing where I learn the art of helping people in need.

Heritage Health & Housing was in the forefront the Aid epidemics of eighties and nineties,

before I formed a nurse staffing company which I eventually closed down due to overleverage.

In 2015, my partner and I started a different pathway on the internet when I formed
Marathon Rx Inc to bring our many years of experiences in management and business to help

other small businesses online.

This has helped me break free from several years of agony and allowed me to live the 
style of freedom, and I am to here to help you do the same.

In just 3 short years we have create several online businesses and websites. My other websites include 

Our other site is an eCommerce store 

In recent times we have begun to work with business opportunity providers, software creators to

help individuals who want to start their own online/ home business. This is what 

In my spare time, I read and write. I really love splitting wood and getting them ready for the winter season.
This is what I do in my spare time during the summers. I also take my family on road trip
every summer on RV tour. 

is all about.